Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frozen River

I don't think some of my friends reading this blog understand how crazy cold it is here at the moment! 
I just came back home from a short walk. Yes, it was short, because you can't stay outside for that long! 

It's too cold! It's -10°C (14°F)! 

And do I need to add that I have lived on the beach for the last couple of years! 
I snapped a few photos to show!

Frozen River

Swedish Boating

Hotel Villa Rönne

Still freezing!
 Cheers my friends!


Monday, November 29, 2010


This weekend started out with "Friday cosy" at my friend Lina's house! It was very nice and we had home made pizza and popcorn that evening and we just hung on the couch and zapped on the TV! I also got a bottle of home made glögg (mulled wine according to google translate?!) from her fiance to drink now before Christmas! We drink a lot of that here in Sweden, now before Christmas. I'm very excited and can't wait to heat it up and put some raisins and almond in it! Yum!!

I also got the phone call I have been waiting for, but more about that later!

Saturday I had a date with my cousins and my sister! Even though my cousins have moved down to the south from Stockholm, I barely see them! But, we finally got a day where we all could get together! We decided to head for Helsingborg and go out to eat somewhere there. When we were all gathered, we realized the snow was coming down so hard that we decided to stay at Knutpunten (after a quick try to go to Henry's across the street which were full). It was great to see them all, and I hope we'll do it soon again!

Sunday was the lazy day and in the evening I hung out with my dad and we watched Beck, a Swedish criminal movie series. That's what we usually do on Sundays!

And we got plenty of snow! And it's cold! Below is a picture of dad's house from today! It sure is better like this than rain and wind!

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Dance

Finally a clip from the dance competition at the Heiva Festival in Bora Bora.
This is the Faanui group, who also won this year's competition!

Cheers my friends!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doctor Appointments

While at home I try to make sure I go to the doctors and the dentist to make sure everything is in order! Because when you are out traveling you never know what kind of doctor you get.

Like last year... I had to get my wisdom tooth removed and it was hurting like crazy. I asked around to find out where the best dentist were and I got many different answers. Some were suggesting cheaper places, some promoted their family members and then there was one, who told me to go to the store and get this specific paste to put on and around the tooth. And then it would fall out by it self!

Yea, right! With some bad luck you get that paste on all other teeth and they will all fall off. So I asked the american who I worked with, who has good teeth! And he took me to a great dentist. The only problem was that my insurance had expired the day before I went there!

Now I'm going to drink my coffee on the couch in front of the TV after my early doctor's visit. When I made the appointment the woman asked if I wanted to come at 8am or 10am. Why on earth did I say 8am???? I could have been still sleeping!

Cheers my friends!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Jay Smith - Like A Prayer

Today I just want to share this video clip from YouTube from the Swedish "Idol 2010".
Jay Smith is from my part of Sweden, but even though the Swedish population is less than big American cities, we don't know everyone around here.
Jay is definitely my favorite to win this year's Idol, and he's doing better and better every time.

This is Jay Smith doing Madonna's Like a Prayer! 

Cheers my friends!


Saturday, November 20, 2010


There's nothing more frustrating than being in a "in between place". And that's where I am right now, for different reasons and on many different levels... Waiting for that email and phone call....

But hopefully it shouldn't last too long. I will have to stay focused on other things in the mean time. Such as stay home with sick child, gardening (yes, it was only 40 min, but it was freezing!) and cleaning the house.. Hmm... It is interesting though... I don't have kids or a house... But Sara do! Lucky her! ;)

Yesterday the snow was falling for the first time by me... It was quite a while ago I saw snow, and I guess it was a little bit nice, for a moment or so! The thing is, usually when snow comes here in the south, it melt by the time it hits the ground, or it's just slush... And it does not last for long (except last year, where it never went away. Luckily I was in Bora Bora and didn't need to worry about that!). Today the snow is gone!

Swedish winter should have snow. It kind of makes it a little better when the snow is laying. It kind of brightens up a little and covers all the dull colors. And it's nice to make a little snow lantern that shed a little bit of light, in the otherwise dark day. Because it get's dark by 4pm!

Cheers my friends!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Religion ala Eddie Izzard

Believe it or not, but I was actually in church on Saturday!

Last time I went to church was when my friend Sara baptized her daughter, about 5 years ago, and the time before that was probably when I did the confirmation, at age... what... 15?!

Yea, Swedish people, including me, are not very good at going to church more than when someone get married, baptized or at a funeral. If you have kids you might go there a little bit more when they are young and they go to "kyrkis" (an after daycare activity for young kids where they learn about the religion) and they sometimes sing at church.

Kvidinge Church
I have to say though, it's actually very peaceful sitting in there. However, Eddie Izzard (one of my favorite comedians!) is pointing out a very good thing in the clip below regarding the church singing. Forward to about the middle of the clip and you know what I mean, but the whole clip is hilarious!

Cheers my friends!


Friday, November 5, 2010


Friday has already arrived! Time goes by so fast although I'm not very busy!

This week I have caught up with some old friends, but mostly I have been inside surfing the net as it feel like my face is about to fall off every time I walk outside the door.

Tonight I'm watching Swedish Idol. I can't even believe I'm writing it! But yes, here I am on the couch with a small bag of candy (I know, everything is relative!) following todays theme of love songs! Not really what I feel like listening to at the moment, but can't help myself watching.

Otherwise, it's slow over here. I'm writing cover letters but I don't feel it's going any easier. In the Swedish culture we just don't brag about our selves. We learn to be medium, which takes me to a word we use in Swedish... "Lagom" which kind of translate in to just right/just enough/moderation. Everything in Sweden is lagom! If someone ask you how much food you want, you want lagom, how good are you at English? You are lagom.. You get the point? Not very selling!

Anyway, Jay is about to sing on Idol, and he comes from the the neighbor town. Need to watch that!

Cheers my friends!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Helly Hansen will keep me warm!

Dad is home and we finally have some heat in this house, so now I can run around in my bikini (if I want) and pretend I'm in the Caribbean or something! That's kind of how warm it is at the moment!

I also went to the mall yesterday and got myself some socks and a winter jacket. The jacket... I went for a Helly Hansen down jacket, so winter, bring it on! I am not going to freeze!
Went out to party party this weekend, and usually I would run in to plenty of people I know, but this time not so much. Either they were just not there or I just didn't recognize them. I'm not sure...

The place we went to is called 57 and sure, it's not located in a hip area nor is it a big club, but it sure was depressing! I really miss the party scene from SXM! Which leads to another thing... Dress code... How does some people (well actually many people) dress when they go out. The fashion in Sweden is really not good. What happen? Or is it because it's a small town?

Oh well... I'm constant tired (maybe because I haven't seen the sun in a week or so) and this past weekend we changed the time to winter time. Seriously, now it's dark at 5pm, and it will only become worse. I don't care if it's light earlier in the morning (usually I sleep anyway!), and I rather have some light in the afternoon! Soon it will be dark by 3:30pm! So depressing!

Cheers my friends!