Monday, May 31, 2010

Sad News

I'm so sad to tell you guys this, but little Nuts is no longer with us.

It's a jungle out here.

Tiki, mother to Coco, is too much of a hunter and when little Nuts
were out and she saw him, her killer instinct took over.

It's so sad. He was such a good little kitten and a good friend for

I guess if there ever will be another addition, it will be a tiger or
something that can kick her ass.

Cheers my friends.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rainy Days

I thought the rain season was gone, and the sunny, warm and fantastic
season was coming... I guess I didn't really do my homework before I

Rain season means it pours down. "Winter" season means slightly cooler
at night (maybe around 25C. Brrr...!) and light rain showers all the
time. Even when there is no clouds! I swear!

Also, someone said the wind will pick up now too. Great, I could have
stayed in Sweden! Windy, cold and rainy!

Talking about Sweden. Today is my dear sister's birthday! HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!! Wish I was there to celebrate!

Cheers my friends!


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Friday, May 21, 2010

New Family Member

Like a dog was not enough....

Yesterday we brought home a kitten after a visit at some friends
house. A tiny little creature which I think we both felt needed some
food. Another rescue?? Well, I think so and I think the cat, so far,
is happy with the move. The name is still in progress but we thought
it would be very funny if his name was Nut. CocoNut! Yes, we have a
very bad humor! But you have to admit, it's a little funny!

You might wonder why on eart we got a cat too, but first, he will be
an outside cat taking care of the mice (and maybe the lizzards!). Yes,
I have spotted one mouse by our water tank. And I thought it could be
good for Coco to get introduced to another animal, while he's still
little. Also, we live on the "country side" and I could probably have
a horse, a cow and a pig in addition to all the chickens that are

We were of course concerned about the reactions of Coco, but so far so
good. He just don't understand why this new addition don't want to
play with him, and why he's hissing at him. The cat is used to dogs,
the older versions, and he's adapting very well. I really hope they
will become good friends and I think they already are accepting
eachother. They actually ate from the same bowl (when Nut decided to
taste Coco's food) without any problem.

Coco feels like he grew one size yesterday! He can now walk both up
and down the 5 steps by him self to get out! He won't go by him self
though. And I really need to get him used to people as he acts like a
whimp of the construction workers outside my house. Well, they are a
little scary if you ask me, but I don't want Coco to be afraid of

Hope y'all have a great day and soon weekend! Just for your
information, the rain clouds are heavy today here on the rock!

Cheers my friends!


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crash and Cash

Jesus Christ...

I think I have managed to crash 2 computers within 3 months... And one
was not mine. Not good at all!

Right now I hate computers and Internet. So, I guess I will stay on my
iTouch from now on, but with my luck, it will probably crash soon too.

Moneytary donations are welcome for a new computer!

Hope you guys gave a better day!

Cheers my friends!


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coco the Terrorist!

The island is getting a little cooler in the mornings and evenings as the "winter" is arriving and I seriously have to put on a sweatshirt now. And I who thought this place would be HOT HOT HOT and left all my "winter" clothes in Sweden.... At least I have my airplane shirt here! It's weird that we have winter when it's supposed to be summer! It still rains quite a lot (specially overnight and evenings) but still, when it's nice weather it really is nice and warm! I can't get tired of looking out over the ocean and the beautiful colors! 

Coco has become a little terrorist which escapes from his little "fort" in the kitchen, eat flip flops, attack his new leach, steal our slippers and anything he can find! 

BUT, he is still the most adorable little thing! I mean, can you not LOVE this puppy?? 

And do you remember the picture when he was only like 1-2 weeks old?? He was so tiny!
Tiny Coco after food and wound cleaning
He barley fit in my lap now!

It's nice and cool on the grass

Exploring the outside!

Climbing over the edge

Roxy, Coco's sister

Fun playing for a little bit

Finally she's not biting!

Paws to be dried when entering the house turns in to play

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another vet bill

On Sunday morning Coco became sick. After feeding at 6am as usual, he
then suddenly started to get everything he had in him out, on both
ways. He didn't want to drink the water and he started to look bad. He
was so skinny, dehydrated and looked so sad. I have read that,
specially a young puppy as Coco, can be gone within 24h when dehydrated.

So, Sundays are the holy day here on the island and nothing is open.
Same with the vet's office. But we managed to get a hold of the vet
assistant who told us to take Coco down and they would open the clinic
for me. So off I went with the puppy in a Heineken box (yea, Heineken
is much consumed at this house).

Finally there they took him in for observation and at 6pm they called
and said he looked a little better but would have to stay overnight
for further observation.

Finally today I got to pick him up and he was back to normal Coco,
except still skinny. As soon as we got home he ran around like a crazy
dog and he was so excited that he managed to get up all 5 steps to the
house by him self.

Now he's eating and drinking good and I bet he's happy to be home! At
least I am!

Hopefully he will stay okej now as those vet bills, on top of the
regular stuff, is not so fun to pay. But what don't you do for your
little furball!

Cheers my friends!


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I live on the Kurrekurredutt Island

Even though you might not be Swedish, you must have heard or read about Pippi Longstocking (Pippi Långstrump) the little girl with red pony tales standing straight out and strong like no one else! She lives in Sweden in Villa Villekulla with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson (Herr Nilsson) and her horse Old Man (Lilla Gubben). The stories are written by Astrid Lindgren, a phenomenal story teller! Astrid Lindgren has written many of my favorite childhood stories, which I know will be read to my children one day.

Pippi's dad, Efraim Longstocking, was a sailor and Captain of the ship Hoppetossa but was believed to have been lost at sea. As it turns out, Captain Longstocking survived and was washed ashore on the Kurrekurredutt Island in the South Sea, where he was made the "fat white chief" by its cannibal, native people.

So, where is the Kurrekurredutt Island? 

I want to believe that I live on the Kurrekurredutt island here in the South Sea! After all, stories tell that they were cannibals here, a long time ago! 

However, it is believed that Astrid Lindgren was inspired by the Swedish sailor Carl Emil Pettersson who went to sea in 1892. While sailing in the South Sea the ship went down outside the Tabar Islands but he survived and managed to get on land. There he married the native chief's daughter with whom he had 9 children. According to an article on ( Carl was later made to King/Chief after the death of his wives father. He lived on the island and had coconut farms and it is also said he found lots of gold. He died of a heart attack in 1937 in Australia. 

Cheers my friends!

Camilla on the Kurrekurredutt Island

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Driver?

The other day I had to back out of the garage (as usual) but also the whole drive way, as there was a car parked on our "turning point" (which I usually back in to so I can drive forward!).

I thought it would be a smart idea to turn by the new house they are building (you know, drive down the new drive way, back up and turn in to my drive way (it's like a T-cross) and then drive forward). Well, it didn't work as planned. The cement drive way they made is very high from the ground and consist of 2 tire strips with a big gap in between. So of course, I got stuck with my car when the tires came outside the cement and the cars' "belly" ended up on the cement. Complete stop! Could not even put the car in neutral!

Luckily (or maybe not?!) the guys were working on the new house next door. So with a French "Pardon" the guys came to my rescue. They (about 7 of them) lifted the car back up on the cement. So strong! I thanked them and then decided not to make another try and just revers the rest of the drive way!

The day after when I needed to get out again with the car (the other car was still occupying my "turning point") all the guys stopped what they were doing and they were just staring. I saw one guy putting his hands together in a praying position... I did not do go through with any other ideas I had, and instead did my reverse all the way out!

I do want to note because I know what you think! But No, I'm not a bad driver! I just have a very small and specially low car, too small/low for this off roading I have to do to get to my house!  What I need is a Jeep, 4x4!

Cheers my friends!


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Exciting news!

Just saw 3 puppies in my landlord's backyard, which must mean Coco has

So, did mommy dog bring just him because of the wound he had? I don't
know enough about doggy thinking on that subject.

I guess I need to start having puppy playdates over there now so Coco
get to meet some friends.

Cheers my friends!


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I think I'm allergic!

Kids.. Don't have any, but have helped out baby sitting a 3 year old girl. What do you get out of that? You get sick (maybe it was allergy to kids?!) and end up with the biggest bruise ever on the back of my leg! I have picture evidence!

Coco is now fully mobile, which means he crawls out of his box, pee everywhere (except where he is supposed to, although sometimes he finds the right spot), eat puppy mush (which ends up everywhere!) and go exploring around the house leaving foot prints where ever he goes! Cleaning is done several times a day now and the newspaper is bought frequently without being read! But you know what, he's still adorable!
 What? Did you say something?
 Look at that puppy face!
 Loves being scratched on the belly!
So adorable

The puppy mush is delicious

Best friend, the Bee (still intact!)

Although, will probably not be for long!

Hello! I'm Coco!

Cheers my friends!