Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thursdays is the happening night around here! That's the night Double Deuce turns in to a little club with DJ and all! The only thing is, it's almost always the same people, and almost all work at the hotel!
Earlier in the evening Double Deuce (bar/restaurant) have karaoke night, (which I usually try to skip) but after about 10-10:30 PM our chef and Asst. Dir. of F&B pulls out their laptops and start playing club music! Plenty of fun! You really have to make the best out of it, and that's why I'm jumping around the dance floor more or less by my self!

Part of the "going out crew"

Mazen doing tricks at the bar! Go Mazen, Go Mazen!

DJ Mazen
Then on my days off I hang out at, (you have heard it before!) at Chrishi Beach. Nice place to lounge, eat and drink! Go for a swim now and then or just chill!

Beach chairs with St. Kitts in the background

Chrishi Beach Club 

Sunset from my terrace with St. Kitts in the back 

Sunset from my terrace
Today after my usual lunch at Chrishi (on my day off) I went with Will to play some golf at the hotel. Fun times, but I really suck at this game! In my defense, it was my first time being on a golf course! Definitely need to go back soon to shoot some balls! At least I have "the right attire" except for the shoes! But it works well in flip flops!

Tonight Tara and I will head to Golden Rock for some dinner, and then we'll see what trouble we end up in! Will be fun since I don't have to work tomorrow!

Have a great week everyone!

Cheers my friends!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nevis Update

Another crazy week at work, but plenty of fun! When we get busy you really get to show what you go for!

Last night I took my "resort golf cart license"! And I passed on my first try! LOL! So, now I can drive around the resort and I don't have to walk anymore.. (yea right!) Thanks John for the session!

Today I was off and I slept in until 11am! Well needed! Got up, goofed around the house for a while and then I went "down town" to Charlestown to go to the bank and phone store. 3 people were in front of me at the bank and I still had to wait for about 30 min... Island speed! And by the way, what's up with checks and no direct deposit? Seriously, it's 2011... I hate checks, and I hate going to the bank.. At least it was only 30 minutes and to "top up" my phone took 2 min!

Then I met Tara at Chrishi Beach for lunch. After she left I hung out for a little bit, surfing on my iTouch and drinking rose! What a great day off! It was so needed! And it's so important to just disconnect from work.

Tomorrow I'm back at work and then another day off! Have a feeling there will be some party going on Thursday night though.. Friday will be spent in bed all day! No appointments!!!

Hope you all have a great Easter!

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day trip to St. Kitts

Did a day trip to St. Kitts on Saturday. We were lucky that our friend Will was over there with his car, so after a quick shopping round in the duty free area (where the cruise ship dock, and by the way, looks the same as any other island. Do they always have to have the same shopping?)
Anyway, Will picked us up and we did a quick tour. Saw the cinema (oh yea!), went to gamble at the Marriott (won 4 dollars!!), and finished up having lunch at Reggae Beach before taking the car back over to Nevis with the Sea Bridge ferry!

Tara and I

Work has been busy and we will have a few days of a breather before we pick up again for Easter. But it's fun being busy, and now I have a few projects to work on at work, so it will make it interesting!

Cheers my friends!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Island Cows

Work has been busy, both business wise and also me getting used to everything! It's a lot of fun, and specially now when I know how this resort works, i.e. who I need to contact etc. for different things!

Today I finally had a day off and it was well deserved! Last night I worked until about 11:30pm and after work I met up with friends at a house party, which later moved to a bar by the airport, Rumors. Fun night, and I didn't roll in until about 4am! It was a while ago I did this!

Today me and my friend Tara decided to take it easy and eat greasy! So we went to Double Deuce for burgers (although, he was out of local beef as the "farmers" are "striking"), but I had a good BBQ chicken burger instead and it definitely hit the spot!

After that we went to a deserted beach and chilled for a while! While we were there, a herd of cows came walking down to the beach and a few were laying down (getting a tan?!) and some just standing there! Very interesting! It looked like they were on vacation or something.
Island Cows! Just chillin'! That's something for the Swedish cows!

A week ago I went to Chrishi Beach for Fondue night with 2 bands playing. The Green House (local band I think, which are great) and Mishka. Chrishi Beach is the place owned by the Norwegian couple (can you tell?!). It was a great evening, the only thing was that I had to work at 6am the next day, so I couldn't go all crazy.. But a super night!

When it comes to work, this is one part I do (see below).. Private dinners on the beach! This week I had a couple who got married at the old sugar mill on the Four Seasons property! Very nice couple, and I wish them all the best! 

Tonight we are heading back to Chrishi Beach for schnitzel (special order/request from Christina) and tomorrow me and Tara will venture over to St. Kitts to check it out and hopefully do some shopping (what ever that might be! The selection over here is rather slim)!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers my friends!