Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful Weather

The storm is gone and I'm fine although slightly tired but I think I have caught up on that sleep by now! The storm passed and I was in the kitchen and had the opportunity to watch the storm pass from the restaurant deck, which faces the ocean, reception and bungalows. Amazing actually! The swell of the ocean was huge and the boat docks were under water.

A lot of damages around here. Specially on the motus. St. Regis is apparently closed and will remain closed for a few months. Orient-Express apparently lost 2 over water bungalows and other hotels obviously have damages too. The neighbor house was flooded and many houses lost parts of their palm tree roofs.

Today the weather is just absolutely perfect! Nice and hot with a cool breeze! I had to go in to Vaitape to pick up a few things and the boat ride over was so nice! It still think it's a little funny to take the boat as soon as I have to leave the motu! Anyway, 3 cruise ships were in the lagoon! So, Vaitape which is usually deserted on a Sunday (you see, French people don't work on Sundays!) was full of life and busier than ever! The cleaning of the island is going very well and you can barely see a hurricane passed.

So, I hope there will be no more of this weather so I can go ahead and move to that house on the hill. I can barely remember how it looks like! Bags are packed since over a week ago...

Cheers my friends!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mary Poppins weather

So, I was supposed to be moving to my new house on February 1st, and I had my bags packed (well, I have been ready more or less for the past 2 weeks!). Well, Monday came and so did the alerts about the hurricane/cyclone OLI... Great... Not!

Monday was not too bad, but it rained on and off and the hotel had to start doing preparations (which meant no car for us to move our stuff). Yesterday was a little bit more rough on the sea and in the evening the wind picked up. This morning I got a call from Daniel saying that we had to evacuate from the apartment... So I had to put all the stuff in the apartment up high, pack a little bag and then head up to the hotel. Now, I am dating the Executive Chef, so how bad can the cyclone be? I'm "stuck" in the kitchen (probably the safest place in the hotel) and I got access to plenty of food and drinks! Not too bad if you ask me! So, for all of you, remember the kitchen if you ever get stuck in hurricane!

Now, while I'm fine I do wonder how the island will do... Every hotel has over water bungalows... Will they stand the winds and waves? I was in hurricane Omar in St. Martin which was a category 3 hurricane, but not a direct hit. I know how it can look like after a storm, but I think the people in the Caribbean is more used to this kind of weather than the people over here.

Well, as we say in Sweden, hold the hat (hall i hatten) and don't open the umbrella! Then you will fly like Mary Poppins! I will be staying where the food and drinks are!

Cheers my friends!