Monday, October 24, 2011

A day on Feisty

I had a Sunday off and what better to spend it on a boat with good company!

The Crew!
Miles, Tara, Mark, Ana, Angi, Nitin, Mazen, Jan
We sailed off from Oualie Beach in Nevis with Miles and Feisty, down the coast line to Four Seasons Resort to waive at our coworkers who had to hold the fort down, while we were sipping on rum punch and Rose!

Serving Rose

Then we sailed across the channel over to St. Kitts and went for a snorkel and swimming at Shitten Bay (well, it's nicer then it sounds!)

After a very active stop we got on board again and aimed for Reggae Beach Bar, where we had some food (and delicious daiquiris). You should not swim after eating, but we have all been taught different, everything from 10 min after eating to 1 hour, so we all went in for another swim and play.

Exchanging Fries

Excellent job Mazen!

7 hours later we cruised back to Oualie Beach and although we all were sad it was over, I think we all were tired and ready to take a nap!

Tired troopers!
 I had a great day off and it was so much fun! Hopefully we'll do it again, soon!

Cheers my friends!