Friday, December 31, 2010


I hope everyone have a safe and happy new year! 

Cheers my friends!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas coming to an end

Christmas is already coming to an end.

On the 23:rd my sister and her family came over to celebrate an early Christmas as she was working on the 24th. We ate so we couldn't move but it was a very nice time catching up and just hanging out!

Then on the 24th we celebrated the real Christmas (in Sweden we celebrate on the 24th, not the 25th) at home with my grandmother, starting with the Donald Duck Christmas Special at 3pm. After the show we ate again and by 7:30pm it was finally time for the presents!

My grandmother is great but she is getting old now, yet she got plenty of energy. The problem is, she needs to be entertained every second. If you or someone don't talk to her for a moment or sit with her, she gets irritated! And there is not much to do during this holiday. It's cold outside, stores are either closed or packed, depending on the day, and there are only so much you can talk about! And, as with many old people, she puts the TV so freaking loud that your ears are ringing afterwards! And with age comes the whole forgetting part... But I'm happy that she is healthy, lives on her own and still going strong!

I hope you all have a continuos happy holiday!

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Record Cold

I know I have written this before, but I do have to emphasize on it one more time... It is FREEZING outside! And to be exact, it's between -15°C to -20°C (that's between 5°F to -4°F)! This is not normal! I repeat, this is not normal!!!!

My grandmother is down visiting for Christmas and tonight my sister and her family will come over and we will celebrate and eat plenty of food!

Tomorrow, on the 24th, that's when we celebrate Christmas.. That's the Big day! At 3pm Donald Duck starts (tradition.. You have to watch it. You can read this article Nordic Quack about the tradition, very funny!) Then we eat (remember all the food.. Christmas ham, pickled herring, Jansson's Temptation, beetroot salad, etc., etc.!

Then when it get's dark, Santa will come and knock on the door, come in to hand out the presents, drink something strong (to stay warm I guess?!) and then he goes to the next house (where I assume he drinks more!)!

This year Christmas is special in many ways. I am not working (!), I am actually home to spend it with family, and we are having a white Christmas!!! I can't remember last I actually had a white Christmas. Usually I have palm trees, sun and blue water to look at!

Caribbean Santa!



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Food- breakfast, lunch and dinner!

December must be the month when people gain the most weight! We go to Christmas Parties with work, we go to our significant others Christmas Party (work), we are invited to friends houses and then on Christmas itself we eat even more at home. And then we shall not talk about in between all the parties and after Christmas.. Then we need to east all the leftovers! It's a big Smörgåsbord with food for an army.

Meatballs, ham, pickled herring (in every flavor you can imagine!), beetroot salad, Jansson's Temptation (potato dish), mini sausages, egg, smoked salmon, ribs, and rice pudding are just a few things you will find on the table! And you have to eat everything! The beverage served is beer and "nubbe" (the obligated snaps!) Skål!

Part 1 of the Smörgåsbord

The Crew

Tonight I feel like I never want to see Christmas food again. I ate it last night, I ate it this morning for breakfast, I ate it in the late afternoon...  And this was my first take on the food for this year... Some of my friends has already done both 2 and 3 and we all have more to come!

I'll be rolling down the street soon!

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work Contract

So, it looks like my job hunting time is over...! 
I received a contract yesterday on my email and WOHO! is all I can say! It feels really good! 
Now I just need to make sure everything is ok in the contract, sign it, and then send it back!! 

I can't say too much as of yet, but this is what I might have to deal with on a daily basis! 

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taking Care of Sick Child

Today I'm home with sick child... again... Yea, not mine if you wondered!
Stayed at a friend's house last night, and this morning (as I'm having my beauty sleep on the couch!) I got a phone call asking if I could stay the day and take care of the little one (a 2 year old). She had gone to kindergarden this morning as usual, but the staff called the parents as she didn't want to walk...!

So, here I am, watching Sponge Bob! Great Thursday!

Cheers my friends!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thyroid Gland

Who knew... That the thyroid gland could make so many people sick...

Two weeks ago I gave 4 tubes of blood to my doctor (oh, they also attempted to do an EKG but the machine decided not to work, and before they decided it was not that important they had walked in and out of the room, about 4 nurses, with me on the table with cables taped to my upper body and no clothes on! Very professional ladies! Finally one of them realized and put my shirt on top of me while they figured things out!)

Anyway, yesterday I was back (clothes on this time!) in the office and got my results of the blood tests. Nothing drastic to worry about, but my doctor still thought I should should start eating Levaxin for the thyroid and all vitamin B... So, back in about 2 months to see if there has been any changes...!

Cheers my friends!