Monday, February 28, 2011

I have arrived to my new home!

I flew out of St. Martin yesterday with LIAT (Leaving Island at Any Time!) with a stop in Antigua before I landed on Nevis! Of course my 2 bags didn't make it (I have a feeling they just didn't want to get the luggage out of the plane as they were continuing the flight).  And I'm still waiting for it!

I was met by the Learning Manager, Jack, who is based out of Atlanta. When I arrived to the resort I was met by the F&B Director among some other employees and I received a very warm welcome. When I arrived to the room I had fresh fruit and Voss water waiting for me along with some hotel material and a book written by the Four Seasons founder, Isadore Sharp. The book was personal signed by the management team on property! Very nice!

Dinner was eaten at the Neve restaurant (Italian food) with Jack, and after I was heading for the big fluffy bed! No offense Will (I really liked your couch!) but I haven't slept in a bed like this in a long time!

Today, my first day at work, they had scheduled me off, so I have been walking around the property and just been chilling. Weather is nice, but it has been quite windy all day. The rest of the week I have an itinerary filled of things to do (meet the executive teem, sort things out etc.) and my real first day at work will be next Monday.

So far so good and I am so excited to join this team at the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis!
Check out their website here!

As my luggage is still not here, I can not upload any pictures but I will as soon as it arrives!

Cheers my friends!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nevis here I come

The last few days has been very chilled! Will and I went driving around the island on the Harley the other day. Then on Friday night we met up with Elettra and Camille (which I used to work with) at Camille's new place. Wine and cheese and good company!
Yesterday (Saturday) I just lounged on the beach all day to get my tan going, and I think I am getting there! Not blue/white anymore!

Last night we feasted on pizza from Dan, the pizza man and we also popped a bottle of champagne to do an early birthday celebration for me!

Now I'm being picked up and taken to the airport to do my last stretch to Nevis! I'll arrive at 5pm tonight and will stay at the Four Seasons!

I'll get you more updates when I get there and get connected!

Cheers my friends!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian Billionairs

Yesterday we spent the day at the always good beach bar Karakter on the Dutch side. We had a great day, just chillin' out in the sun watching the ridiculous mega yachts laying in the bay, being too big to enter the marina. Among the yachts are the submarine kind of looking yacht, which you can see below to the left. The name of the yacht is "A" and are owned by a Russian billionaire.
Click here for more info on Mega Yacht A
Then we have the world's largest private yacht, Eclipse, also owned by a Russian. But not just any Russian... Roman Abramovich who is the owner of Chelsea Football Club! This boat is reported to have  a German-built missile defense system, and also lasers sweeping the area for paparazzi! Mind-blowing!

Click here for more info on Mega Yacht Eclipse
After a day of sun at Karakter, we moved on to the Yacht Club to see the boats arrive. This time we made it and I had a Heineken in my hand when the boats came in!

The evening was spent at home with Will cooking dinner and then we watched a DVD! Good ending on a great day! Today new adventures are awaiting!

Cheers my friends!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mega Yachts

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the coffee shop reading up on "work stuff". It's so nice to experience something so incredible organized (in theory) and I'm almost on small fluffy pink clouds when I'm reading! Only time will tell (in less than a week) if it actually work in real time too!

Will managed to get out from his work fairly early, so we headed out to the bridge in Simpson Bay to watch the Yachts come in to the lagoon. It's really funny to watch. Traffic stops while the the bridge goes up, and a bunch of people stop at the bar at the yacht club to watch them go in and out. We didn't make it to the bar on the other side of the bridge as it was already up (so no Heineken in my hand while watching.. which makes the experience much better!)

Then Will took me to a bar right where all these yachts dock... There is a gate with security, but we didn't have to do anything to get in (must have been because we looked so damn cool on the Harley!) And let me tell you, there were some bad ass boats! Now, I do want to inform you all that there are 2 yachts in the bay, which are too big to actually enter the lagoon. It's stupid how much money some people have!  

For dinner we went to my favorite place, Thai Savahnn! Good ending on another great day in the Caribbean!

Cheers my friends!


Monday, February 21, 2011


I am finally back in the Caribbean!

The trip over was not bad, except that the lady at the Air France check in desk informed me that I had 3 kilos in overweight. My first thought was "Alright! No problem, right?" Then she informed me that I would have to pay €100 for the 3 kilos! Insane! Luckily my dad was with me, so in a very frustrating way I had to pull out 3 kilos and hand over to my dad to bring back to the house...

I arrived in St. Martin 1h late and Will was there to pick me up, on his Harley! Didn't fit my 3 bags on there so we had to get a taxi. First night we jumped on the Harley and went over to Uncle Harry's to grab some food. Quiet evening! The following day we got up and had breakfast in Marigot at Sarafina's, did a walk in Marigot, then headed up to Phillipsburg and had a Pina Colada, then we went to Karater (must be worlds best beach bar!) and had lunch and 4 bottles of my favorite rose wine, Clos Beylesse, with some other friends!

My transportation around the island!

I also managed to meet up with Eugenia which I worked with at La Samanna, and had a late breakfast at the new Porto Cupecoy (Orient-Express). Then in the afternoon I met with my Swedish friends Patrik and Sofia (which are about to pop any day now (pregnant)).

Yesterday I went to Pinel Island (yes, we get off the island to spend the day on an even smaller island!) with my friend Jennifer, which I have worked with at both Charleston Place and La Samanna. The evening was spent strolling in Grand Case and having a local dinner at the Lolo's.

It's great to be back. The island has not changed much and it does not feel like I ever left. But now I'm looking forward to get to Nevis and see what that island has to offer!

Cheers my friends!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

4 days to go...

Way too long ago I updated this blog...

On Wednesday I'm heading for the airport early in the morning. I can not believe it's only 4 days left. Where did the time go? A month ago it felt like I had so much time left to do everything and now suddenly the day is almost here.

But it feels like I'm somewhat organized... 1 bag is packed and ready to go, and on Monday and Tuesday I will do the last laundry, shopping and packing. I will try to fit in a haircut too.. Tonight I'm heading out to the "big city" Helsingborg to grab some food and a few beers with Sara and Janne!

So, in 4 days (unless mother Nature has some other plans) I will in the Caribbean and sip on some rose wine! I can't wait! St. Martin, here I come!

Cheers my friends!