Friday, October 30, 2009


I had a great day today!

Got up as usual and drove my boyfriend to work (well, I have done this for a week and a half!) and got back home having a good breakfast. Then, as usual, I went online to check FB, emails and the Swedish news. It has fast become a daily routine in my life... I am not a morning person at all and could easily crawl back to bed and turn on the TV for a couple of more hours, but I am now grown up and knows better than doing that (yea right!)!

So, instead of getting back to bed I did "home activities", as altering a top with too long straps, folding laundry and sweep/clean up the place with the music blasting. And then I went to Karakter, which also is becoming a routine here.

Karakter is a great spot! It's on the Dutch side of this island (the island of St. Martin is divided between France and Holland) and it lays along the runway of the well known Princess Juliana Airport (SXM). The place has an old school bus as the bar, and below on the beach you have beach chairs and cushions, for free! They are playing lounge music and you eat and drink well. So while you get a tan, eat and drink or just lay in the crystal clear water which feels like a swimming pool with fish in it, you can also watch the planes (all sizes) land and take off on the runway next to you. Yes, it might sound like a crazy place, but it's awesome. I still bring my camera every time for yet another 10 pictures of airplanes. And on top of all this, the staff is great too! So no wonder i like this place! So this is exactly how I spent my afternoon! Sometimes it's hard to realize it's part of my world at the moment!

And to another subject... I have wanted a dog for years, even decades (gosh, now I feel old) but always convince myself it's not the right time. I grew up with an Irish setter named Donna (Bon Bon Irish Donna Theresa). So today I went online and looked at SPCA (American) where you can adopt pets. A place like this is where I will get my puppy from. I almost cry looking at the pictures and reading the stories of how they were found. I just want to give a dog like this, that has been abandoned and/or mistreated a second chance. I could take them all if I could. I just don't understand people that don't take care of their animals. Just look at St. Martin... There are many stray dogs here and I remember 2 which I strongly believe was siblings, hanging out at the beach by the golf course. Adorable dogs! They would come there as many people would spare a rib of their lunch or a pice of the burger they didn't finnish. Well, I will have a dog one day, and can't wait until that day comes!

That would be it for today...

Cheers my friends!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New to the blog World

I have now entered a new World... The world of blogs.

So, to start let me introduce myself really quickly.

Grew up in a small town in south Sweden, and my first trip on my own went to Toronto where I worked with horses for a year, thanks to my dad and sister. I was 17 years old and terrified! But it turned out to be a great fun. After a year a came back home and finished school.

When it was time for university my dad pushed me for the world outside Sweden (again) and I applied to Johnson & Wales University and got in. My first year at university was in Gothenburg and I stayed with my grandma. Then to finnish my studies, I had to transfer to the US and I ended up in Charleston, South Carolina. I moved there when I was 22 and I had the best, although the hardest time of my years as a "young adult". Study hard to get good grades and party hard!

I graduated in Hotel Management at JWU and got a job right after at THE hotel in Charleston, Charleston Place hotel, an Orient-Express property. I started as a front desk agent and was then promoted to Front Office Supervisor. After 3 years there, and after my work visas were up I was wondering where I would go next. I wanted to see more of the world!

I got a new job at another Orient-Express property in the Caribbean as the Front Desk Manager at La Samanna. What a beautiful place! Now, 2 years later it is time to pack those bags again towards new destination.

So, after traveling to Thailand, France and Sweden, I am now back in St. Martin on vacation for the first time! Why is it always like that?? I manage to live in beautiful places, but never get to enjoy them... But that is what I am doing right now! Enjoying my time and working on my tan!

Time to hit Karakter and the beach with my book!

Cheers my friends