Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Kitts

Managed to get to St. Kitts the other week and did a tour around the island. Beautiful place!

Brimstone Hill Fort

Sint Eustatius seen from St. Kitts

Feisty on land


Small little street

Local post office!

Black Rock

Volcano island...

Hahaha! Love this one!
Cheers my friends!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is in full swing and we have already packed up the hotel three times (for nothing, thank God!) 

The last storm, Maria, was a tricky one though. We were all got ready at the hotel, and around the island. Boats were taken out of water (one of them were supposed to take me and some friends on a tour on yesterday.. Hmm.. Now it's on land for a few weeks for maintenance..). Anyway, we were all ready and on Friday night we got together and had drinks at Ouallie Beach before calling Christian at Chrishi Beach to see if the kitchen was open. I went ahead and pre ordered myself some pasta Bolognese. As we waked in to Chrishi, a table was prepared for me and my pasta came out! 

So, Saturday morning we woke up, thinking the storm would be howling, but instead we woke up to blue skies and sunshine! Hmmm... interesting... And nothing came all day. Very confusing. Sunday turned out to be a crap day though and by the time I was leaving work, the lightning storm was in full action. I drove home feeling like it was day time, that's how bright it was with the non stop lightning. 

Back home we watched the lightning and it was a spectacular view!

Other updates... 

Our Resort Manager, and my fellow Swede (with a Norwegian passport) left the island to go to St. Petersburg to open a new Four Seasons over there. 

Me and Richard before he left
We managed to get a ride on Feisty over to St. Kitts to hang out a Reggae Beach for an afternoon. Well deserved and a fun ride, even though it was a short one!

We're on a boat!
 Double Deuce keeps hopping, although it has changed from Thursday night to Saturday night! DJ Cheffy and DJ Maz keep the party going, while I dance at the speaker! Fun nights and not to be missed!
DJ Maz
Stay safe out there and have fun!

Cheers my friends!