Monday, September 17, 2012

Today is the day

Today is just as much excited day as it is sad... We are more or less packed and ready for vacation. We are taking the boat from Four Seasons over to St. Kitts at noon, and then vacation is on!! Rumpunch on the boat.. Bring it on!!!$?@

But first we have to drop off Daisy dog... That's so sad.. But she will be playing with her friend Zoey, and usually when we go there, she don't care about us!

We have made sure we have visiting rights when we get back, so latest by the 11th, I will see her again! And we will be taking her whenever the owners needs us to!

Cheers my friends!



  1. It's funny how your vacation is to leave Nevis! Have a great trip!

    1. I know! But my vacation actually included one week on the island, before getting back to work!