Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Access

As I finally have an iPhone, and to that, added the Internet to my phone plan, I can now update my blog more often.

I can't remember last I actually had time to sit with my computer at home and just surf. These days it's 2 min on the phone to check Facebook, Aftonbladet (Swedish news. Got to stay a little up to date on what's going in on back home) and that's it. Kind of sad actually.

I do read quite a lot of work emails though! Some good ones, quite a few not so exciting (I guess that's part of the job ;))

Got to use my birthday present today! My fancy panini maker! Very yummy!

With that said, it's time to hit the bed. Got 6 days of work in front of me, but next Thursday I fly over to St. Barth!! Can't wait! 4 days of new scenery!

Cheers my friends!


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