Saturday, December 17, 2011

The usual!

I have said it before and I do it again... Between work and bad internet signal at home, it goes far too long between my updates! You don't appreciate good internet until you have been down here for a while!

So what have I been up to since last?

I managed to escape from the island for 3 nights and I ended up in Miami and stayed at our (that would be Four Seasons) hotel there. The trip was dedicated to shopping, and did we do that or what?! Tara, my friend came along as the shopping consultant. Every woman needs one!

We had 2 full days in Miami, and the first day we spent at Sawgrass Mills Mall. We spent to be exact 11h at the mall, with only 30 min break for food!

The following day we spent in South Beach and strolled around and did some more shopping! And ate Sushi!

There were two things we had set our minds on when it came to food.. Sushi and... I'm almost ashamed to say it, but McDonalds! When we made it there it turned out that they had closed 2 minutes before we arrived and only the drive through were open. Only one problem.... we had walked there... But after a short deliberation we decided to line up after the other cars in the drive through, and get our McDonalds! I'm sure a few people had a good laugh!

And what has happen in Nevis?

One very exciting thing was the opening of our new grocery store (I know, it's only a store). It's very nice with a few new exciting products. Expensive though but it's nice to just walk around! Hahaha! Like I would ever do that if I lived in Sweden!

I also got a side promotion. I have now moved down to our lunch restaurant, the Cabana! And I enjoy it very much. Not only the hours are better, I also finally get to see our guests in the hotel and get a chance to talk to them. The 2 weeks I have been down there I have met many great guest with interesting stories!
Hard at work!

Today we are sailing over to St. Kitts to give the new restaurant Carambola another try. I'm hoping they have Sushi by now! A little windy at the moment, as it is around this time (the trade winds) but I'm sure it will be a nice day on Feisty as it usually are!

 Cheers my friends!


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